Guess What?

According to Travel & Leisure Magazine, we make one of

AMERICA’S Strangest Sandwiches!  Check us out!

Making Round Rock The Place to Be, one Sandwich at a time!

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NOW Open Sundays Too!

Yep, seven days a week to come on down and enjoy the TASTE you Crave!

Introducing the latest in The Blind Squirrel’s San-Wizardry: THE ASIAN & DOMESTIC:  Velvety Tempura Fried Pork Patty, Crispy Bacon, Napa & Red Cabbages, topped with Sprouts, Tangy Red Onion, Sprinkled with Szechuan Red Pepper Flakes, and drizzled with our Honeyed Asian BBQ sauce, Unagi Aioli & Scallion Garni all served up on Texas Toast !

Gone Green?  Try our Vegetarian Special: The Veggie UP IN SMOKE!  Smoked Eggplant, Yellow and Zucchini Squashes, Tangy Red Onion mixed with Spring Lettuces & Tomato, on a Bed of Spinach, dressed with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli topped with Melted Fresh Mozzarella Cheese served on Grilled Ciabatta.

Don’t forget about our tasty lunch-size desserts like our Strawberry Short-Cup-Cakes. Yes, you so totally can!

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