What’s with the name?

The saying goes, “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while,” meaning roughly that despite our imperfections, there always exists the potential for success. The Blind Squirrel is about seeing the potential in all things. The saying also reminds us to never rest on our past accomplishments, as whatever success we may have recognized might just have come from luck; so keep striving toward better, always. We’re all about this too.

Who we are

The Blind Squirrel is an upscale business-lunch venue in Round Rock, Texas featuring eclectic fusion cuisine, from a scratch-made kitchen. We enjoy an interest in history, culture, and how the foods we love are reflections of the land and people that create them. Jack and his team strive to share this interest by bringing sophisticated flavor combinations to the lunch table in a familiar context – the humble sandwich – making it accessible, casual and fun.

Fresh food, Fresh attitude

At the Blind Squirrel we pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients from local sources when available. The preparation and care from harvest to table impacts the flavor food imparts. To ensure the very best quality of our sandwiches we roast, smoke, grill, and season all our meats in house. All sauces, stocks, soups, and sides are created from scratch too. Most simply put, we believe if you can make it freshly yourself, you probably ought to. But the reason for scratch cooking isn’t just about product quality, it’s about methodology too.

Inspired Cuisine

We’ve all heard the phrase, “History is written by the victor.” At the Blind Squirrel we believe “Food is the language of a history that cannot be re-written.” The foods we eat, why we cook them in a certain way, and changes in the ways these foods are prepared are all interesting to us. It tells a story about the people who ate and cooked in these ways with reasons that are bound by land and availability. It gives a deeper understanding and appreciation of their culture and uncovers similarities in other cultures across the globe. This is the inspiration behind The Blind Squirrel. We use similar cooking methods from different geographic regions and apply them to foods not native to the area, but similar in characteristic and see what happens. The ways we prepare our food are generally different from anyone else, and so it’s the only way we know to bring you the flavors we love. Of course, we also really just love to play with our food!